The app where allBETs matter!

allBETs provide a peer-to-peer, simple, trash-talking, and friction-less experience. Place a friendly wager with your friends, verified the money is real, and go live to wager on anything!

What do you want to bet on?

What makes allBETs different from your typical sports-wagering app?

You can go live with your friends and you can invite others to bet on your livestream!

For example, betting on UNO, musical chairs, pickle ball, la cross, hot chip contest, elections, and many more!

At allBETs, everyone’s bet matter!

We created a platform and a space for everyone to get to choose on what they want bet on. You can bet on players, sports, reality shows, rap battles, family events, tournaments, and literally anything!

We verify that a person real, and the money is real. We send the money to the winner to take the friction out of betting with friends and we help to create a fun, friendly, and financially rewarding trash-talking space.

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