Diversity Transformation Services

If your boardroom likes like the one on the left, but it should look like the one on the right, give us a call.

Diversity Consulting

Pamphlets and stock photos present diversity as a marketing tactic. While this is a great way for a company or school to proudly display their embrace of multiculturalism, the reality of diversity is not a paid actor of color smiling for a camera. In truth, everyone wants to be around like minded individuals sometimes. At All Bets we intend to create an environment where everyone can thrive among like minded souls. We specifically believe that the road to multiculturalism will come through empowering individual communities. If one community of color wins, every community of color wins. Our strategy will specifically target African American communities, and we believe that the benefits will extend to all other communities.

We offer access to some of the best independent diversity consultants working in the United States. These experts have achieved some of the highest certifications in diversity and inclusion from leading certifiers in the country. Our services will provide business advisory, strategic innovation, and business transformation through diversity and inclusion. We will provide a strategic transformation plan of diversity and inclusion that will reinvigorate your business.

Our Founder, Stacie, has made it her life’s work to end the education gaps in our country. Her personal passion and personal platform have been her main motivation in founding this company. African Americans still represent the most underutilized group in our country. At All Bets, it is our mission to continue closing gaps, and while we intend to break through barriers in all industries, Stacie is particularly passionate about the education gap. Through education, the African American Community will grow more economically empowered. Malcolm X once said: “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Historically, the African American Community has been presented with numerous barriers in attaining educational equality.

Diversity is an investment not an expense. Let us train you on how to invest in your future workforce by creating custom education and recruitment programs for a diverse talent pipeline. Our professionals hold CDRs (certified diversity and inclusion recruiter) from AIRS, the industry standard for recruiting.

Let us train you to make your company an environment in which everyone feels comfortable. Well managed diverse companies consistently outperform homogenous companies. 80% of Americans say that inclusivity is an important factor when choosing a workplace according to Deloitte. Publicly traded companies on the DiversityINC Top 50 outperform companies that do not appear in the Top 50 by over 50% over a ten year period according to DiversityINC. If you do not think diversity is important to your business, you risk not only compromising workplace culture, but you also potentially jeopardize profits. This should not be a difficult decision. More diversity in your team might well be that elusive key to take your business to the next level. Betting on diversity gives you better odds than any bookie. At All Bets, we can show you how to maximize the individuals currently working for you.