allBETs Cyber Entertainment: At a Glance

allBETs is a triple bottom-line certified business enterprise that puts the 3Ps first–People, Profit, and Purpose.

Our core values are inclusion, transparency, impact, and efficiency. We are Veteran-, Female-, and Minority-led.


Our team has over 50 years of combined experience.

We propose a long-term opportunity to launch the area's first cyber entertainment coffee house, blending the latest social betting technology and curated events all within a comfortable, familyfriendly atmosphere. Our model will create a safe, welcoming space with a modern take on the old electronic restaurant table game. With allBETs, customers will enjoy alternative wagering and sports betting through discreet, user-friendly technology designed to highlight the social aspects of wagering. We will bring a different entertainment option to the community, offering a 360° experience for patrons who enjoy innovative, high-end experiences.

Why Us?

Our Core Competencies

Ignite creativity and innovation

Bring diverse mindset to projects

Provide diversity transformation

Create custom community experiences

Our 3 Point Plan

Cyber Betting

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Coffee House

Café environment and amenities

Curated Events

Live and interactive experiences

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