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A Platform Where "All Bets Matter".

Experience the Ultimate Custom-Made Wagering Experience at the bet society, the premier destination for those seeking the ultimate in legal sports betting and wagering. With the industry booming and Washington, DC now in on the action, there's never been a better time to join our exclusive, hand-selected national club.

We need you to join the movement to win against the odds.

How Can I Get In The Game?

In order for this work, we must embody the African proverb “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

The bet society is a community and can only work with collective action. Here’s how you can suit up.

The Boosters (Ambassadors)

As one of our valued Ambassadors, you are our hypemen and hypewomen. The Flava Flav to our Chuck D. You evangelize, represent, volunteer, you help us with connections and growing our clout. You have our back like an older sibling in the schoolyard.


Scared money doesn’t make money right? We need investors who will commit capital with the expectation of receiving returns. We can’t operate the bet society without capital which minimizes our risk while maximizing your return.

All Bets Bucks

The buck that brings good luck! You buy All Bets Bucks to place your bets. And cash out your ABS bucks to receive real dollar bucks in your account. And for limited times only, Buy 200 All Bets Bucks for just $19.99.

Responsible Gaming Coaches

Responsible Gaming Coaches are going to step up to teach the community in the hopes to keep the kids out of betting, ensure gambling is conducted in a fair and open manner.

Member Supporters

You are members of the bet society, family, and part of the community. You attend our events, show up and show out. We can’t be a community without you. You learn from us and we learn from you.

Get in the Game!