allBETs Cyber Coffee House

Café environment and amenities

The first cyber entertainment coffee house

We propose a long-term opportunity to launch the area's first cyber entertainment coffee house, blending the latest social betting technology and curated events all within a comfortable, familyfriendly atmosphere. Our model will create a safe, welcoming space with a modern take on the old electronic restaurant table game. With allBETs, customers will enjoy alternative wagering and sports betting through discreet, user-friendly technology designed to highlight the social aspects of wagering. We will bring a different entertainment option to the community, offering a 360° experience for patrons who enjoy innovative, high-end experiences.

Our request for usage of the location

Regulated and Secure

As a responsible sports betting provider, we strictly adhere to industry regulations and best practices. Our commitment to compliance and customer satisfaction is reflected in the proactive measures we take, such as on-site security, to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Additionally, we adhere to DC's rigorous licensing process, which is a testament to our high standards of operation and ethics.

Why Us?

Our Core Competencies

Ignite creativity and innovation

Bring diverse mindset to projects

Provide diversity transformation

Create custom community experiences

Key Feature: Soundproof Booths

A sound isolation booth is a small, enclosed space that is designed to block out unwanted noise. They are often used in cafes and workplaces to make phone calls, study, or simply relax in peace and quiet. Sound isolation booths can provide a number of benefits for customers, including increased privacy and an enhanced experience.